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  L-Carnitin Instant

L-Carnitin Instant
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L-Carnitine Instant is an effervescent weight loss drink. The extra L-Carnitine amino acid can boost up to 70% the amount of fats burned by the organism during a physical exercise.

Weight Loss Supplements

as, L-Carnitine Instant, help with the general well functioning of the cardiovascular system, along it's efficiency in fighting weight loss and helping overweight people.

This weight loss enhancer aids the transport and the metabolizing of the fat acids contained in cells, helping to transform this fat acids into energy.



The L-Carnitin Instant weight loss supplement is provided within small envelopes (servings). This envelopes contain 0.52 ounces (15 grams).


The powder contained in an envelope is mixed with 250 ml of cold filtered water, providing an excellent taste weight loss drink . Consume the resulting  drink  half an hour before you perform your daily physical activity. One serving during training days should be enough.

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